Skater of the Month! Evel #247

       This amazing woman has been with Humboldt Roller Derby since 2013 and is still rolling strong. She started out as a jammer and quickly gained the skills of blocking as well, where she brings her agility and strength to the table. Her unique style of skating and gameplay is similar to the inspiration of her derby name, which roots from the famous stunt performer, “Evel Knievel”.
       Evel is tougher and scarier than ever these days, able to knock down the stablest of skaters! She's been through her share of sprains and black eyes.
       Not only is she one of our main players of the Redwood Rollers, but also one of three of our new coaches this season! Though she may come off as scary, she's one of the sweetest ladies you’ll meet. Evel is straight to the point, honest, and provides lovely words of encouragement to all of her teammates.
       She’s a mama of 3 lovely children, one of which has skated with us in the past for the Redwood Saplings! 
       Evel is a wonderful example of hard work, and we’re so appreciative of her care and effort that she brings to the team!! 
       Thank you Evel!!