It is a thrill to bring the magic of roller derby to the next generation of young people in our community! This sport changes lives, but don’t take our word for it!
Here’s what a few of the skaters have to say about being a Sapling:
“I love roller derby because it’s a really fun sport for me. The first reason is because it helps me get my anger out and makes me calm when I’m done. Second, it is for making new friends. For example last year I was shy and towards the end I had a lot of nice friends and I like that a lot. Third, I like it because it’s a lot of good exercise that I can do while having fun. I love the feeling when you get through the pack and you have this really amazing feeling in your stomach, (knowing) that you worked hard for that. Fourth, it’s really fun to try to get though the pack of blockers or hold them back. I really love playing these games. It’s a really fun thing for me and I hope other people join and see how fun roller derby is.”
- B CRAZY; age 12
“Over the past two years I have been missing Roller Derby dearly. It was my world, my escape, my piece of mind. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed it until I missed a couple seasons. I haven’t felt quite right since I stopped, so here I am signing back up again! There are many things that Roller Derby has done for me in the time I participated. I love how it provided me a place to skate with other motivated girls, what it did to help me keep my focus in life outside of Derby, and that it helped me skate right out of my shell to face the world full on. These things became a very important part of my life, so I am back to reclaim them."
- Bone Blossom; age 17
“Roller Derby isn't just a sport where uniquely dressed girls hit each other; it is a sport that requires teamwork, builds character, teaches me skating skills and the importance of being conscious of my surroundings. Roller Derby is almost indescribable: It's just Derby!”
- Trauma Queen; age 14