Humboldt Officials Posse

Humboldt Roller Derby’s Officials Posse is looking for a few good referees and non-skating officials. Both women and men quad-skating referees & non-skating officials are needed. Referees wear skates (we can teach you) and must:

  • Pass skater boot camp
  • Pass a skating examination
  • Pass a rules test
  • Attend at least one practice a week

If you are interested in being a referee, email

Non-skating Officials must attend at least one practice a month. Positions include:

  • Scorekeepers
  • Penalty Trackers
  • Penalty Box Timers
  • Lineup Trackers
  • White Board Operators
  • and Other Positions

If you are interested in being a non-skating official, email

Current Ref Roster


Current NSO Staff:  Kristi (Co-Head NSO), Handsome Miles, Famous Amos, Ruby Red Delicious (Head NSO)
Not Pictured:  K Bone, K'Bella, Terra Torial, Hetta Steam, Gracie/DC, Nora Bones, Epidemic, Day O'Wreckoning, Hurt Vonnegut, Jorge, Kaitastrophe.