How to Join

Are you looking to join the HRD Sapling family? We can't wait to meet you! Our Sapling season starts in the fall and ends in May. 
We offer two programs, our Sapling Competitive Team and our Training Camp Program.

Training Camp Program
The Training Camp is open to new skaters ages 9-17 who want to develop the fundamental skills needed to play roller derby. You do not need prior roller skating experience to join. This camp has three sessions: Level 1 derby skills, Level 2 derby skills and a finishing school. Each session will be approximately 3 months. Participants will finish the first two sessions with an opportunity to take a skills assessment.  Participants ages 11-17 who pass the skills assessment are eligible to move up to the Sapling team.  Skaters who either do not pass the assessment or who are ages 9-10 will move on to the Finishing School in order for work on the skills needed to move on to the Sapling Team.   
Level 1            Schedule:                   Tues & Thurs Sept 13th - Dec 13th 4:15-6PM @ Redwood Acres
            Fees:   $75      
Level 2 & Finishing School    Tues & Thurs Jan 3rd - June 1st 4:15-6PM @ Redwood Acres            
or Level 2 & Sapling Team           
Fees: $200
Sapling Team Season
This program is open to any skater who can pass the skills assessment and is between ages 11-17 (if you turn 18 during the program you will be allowed to finish out the season with the league).  Skaters will train to play in monthly scrimmages and bouts.  All elements of the Derby Season will focus on activities that foster trust and communication between teammates while teaching all aspects of the game. 
            Schedule         Tuesdays & Thursdays Sept 15th – June 1th  4:15-6PM @ Redwood Acres
            Scrimmages:  once a month
            Bouts:  mixture of home and away bouts
            Fees                 $300

Please download the packets linked below. You must print, complete and sign the Registration Material and USARS Membership application. If you have any questions please feel free to email us: Email