Event Staff

HRD is a volunteer-run organization! It takes an army of volunteers to keep HRD Rolling! Every game, almost 100 volunteers come together to make the magic happen. Volunteers help set up the venue, run our concessions, sell merchandise, usher, and work the front gate and finally clean up. We are so thankful to have the awesome crew that supports us!


HRD is lucky to have some very talented photographers to help document our games. We are thankful that Matt Filar and 
Mark McKenna love shooting Roller Derby! 


The Dirty Derby Blowhards

Very, very few teams have their own band, but HRD is one of them! The Blowhards are an essential part of the entertainment for the game. This super fun group rocks some of our favorite tunes blowhard style. 

DJ King Maxwell

Disc Jockey and party instigator King Maxwell is our resident DJ. He throws down a bumping soundtrack to our games. 

The Announcers

Jason Whitcomb has been the announcer for HRD since the first game! Michael Deakin Joined our crew and now we have the most dynamic duo of announcers! They keep the fans informed about the game and the energy high! 



Sassy Sasquatch

Sassy Sasquatch, a fan favorite, is our beloved mascot! You can see them sassing around Redwood Acres at all times of year... if you know where to look!