Community Events

HRD in the Community

We take great pride in supporting our community through various events in the course of the year. HRD’s contributions include providing monetary support to nonprofit organizations, raising awareness on important issues, and other outreach services. Look for us out in the community in 2017!

2017 Community Events:
Atalanta's Victory Run

Eel River Clean Up Project, Clean Up Day
Arcata Bay Oyster Festival
Humboldt Pride Parade
Humboldt Trails Council, Clean Up Day

2016 Community Events

Atalanta Victory Run and Walk: A Benefit for Humboldt Community Breast Health
HRD skaters volunteered at the 35th annual Atalanta Victory Run and Walk on Mother’s Day to honor women and raise breast health awareness! This is an all-women’s event hosted by the Six Rivers Running Club and the North Coast Co-op.

Humboldt County Safety Fair
Humboldt Roller Derby celebrated the fourth annual Humboldt County Safety Fair at the Jefferson Project in Eureka! Helmets were given away to attendants and HRD provided materials and assistance for kids to decorate their helmets in the theme of HRD’s slogan: “Own Your Style: Be YOU, Be SAFE, Gear UP.” HRD also provided training on proper ways to stop and fall to decrease the risk of injuries.

Oyster Festival: A benefit for Arcata Main Street
HRD volunteers staffed a beer booth at the 26th annual Oyster Festival! Proceeds from the festival fund many of the community events that help make Arcata the special community that it is. From picnics and arts to concerts and holiday celebration, AMS helps keep Arcata the fun, family-friendly community we all know and love!

Zootini: A benefit for the Sequoia Park Zoo
HRD volunteers at the 10th annual Zootini, a gala evening of wild fun at Sequoia Park Zoo! Guest enjoyed delightful animal encounters, dessert, dancing under the stars and much more!

Humboldt Pride: A benefit for the Humboldt Pride Organization and celebration of LGBT equality
HRD skated with pride in the annual Eureka Pride parade and celebrated unity in the community! Humboldt Pride strives to educate the public about issues concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and sexually ambiguous persons to eliminate discrimination and prejudice because of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. HRD is proud to be a part of this event that blends fun, hope, acceptance, support, and love for all.

If you are interested in having HRD at your event, email