Skater of the Month! Nacho Aimeega #239

      Nacho is famous for her turn around catch that will send players flat on their backs. She gives no mercy! You’ll want her on your side to share her strategic insights on gameplay, words of encouragement, and strength in working with others. Though, don’t be fooled by the name. She’s a genuinely sweet person, with a hilarious demeanor. The bench would not be the same without Nacho’s hilarious ways of making light of tough situations!
       Nacho joined HRD just last season and quickly began competing with the Redwood Rollers. She plays as a pivot, and is versatile in all of her jobs. When working as a blocker, she’ll clear the track of players for the jammer, and is ready to switch it up and take the star to push her own way through the opposing team to score points.
       In her time outside of derby, Nacho is the assistant coordinator at Fortuna Family Resource Center and works as a foster liaison as well! She enjoys hiking and jeopardy in her downtime, and if you hadn’t guessed, her favorite food is nachos, with some doughnuts, and pizza on the side! Thank you for making our lives a little more crunchy every day, Nacho! We LOVE YOU!!
       Written by: Nicold Shoulder