2017 Coaches!

       This year we have three coaches! Two are active skaters in HRD and one is a returning coach who knows the ins and outs of roller derby! Head Coach Atreyu is entering her third year of coaching and her fifth year as a skater! Coach Evel is a valued skater and is tackling her first year as a coach! Coach Mojo is returning to HRD and is enthusiastic about coaching the balance between skate skills and derby know-how!
Coaching 2017
       “We’re about to see the most exciting season yet for Humboldt Roller Derby! Which is an excellent way to pay praise and utmost gratitude to all our founders and fellow skaters that helped pave the way here over the past 10 years. To speak simply and brief, but not to give away too many of the surprises that are on their way, there is a genuine synergy at work this year--a fierceness of competition supported by superior intellect and innovation of gameplay supported by the roots of our strength and skate skills. We are rolling extremely strong this season, and I am personally most excited by our collective momentum to challenge each other and consistently raise the bar on ALL that’s possible. I LOVE my Mother F’in TEAM.“
       -Head Coach Atreyu