About Us

Humboldt Roller Derby is Humboldt County’s premiere all female sports organization. We are a 100% volunteer run 501c4 nonprofit organization. Our League consists of 35 Adult players, 30 Junior Derby players, 35 players in training, 20 officials and 150 + volunteers. We are business owners, professionals, state and county workers, stay at home moms and students. The teams we play come from all over the western United States, from Portland to San Diego, to experience the beauty and athletic challenge behind the Redwood Curtain. We work hard to provide exciting family friendly events to bring our community together. 
We are proud members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.  WFTDA is the international governing body for the sport.  Our WFTDA membership means that HRD’s charter team is internationally ranked and eligible to be selected to attend championship tournaments.  Each game our Redwood Rollers play affects our international rankings.  The Redwood Rollers  participate in tournaments with WFDA teams from across the world, including international teams, annually.   
Since our debut in 2008, Humboldt Roller Derby has hosted 6 to 7 home games at Redwood Acres Francheschi Hall each year.  Humboldt Roller Derby has an established reputation of putting on a great show from start to finish.  Almost every game has been played to a sold out audience of over 750 fans and volunteers.    Our fans are diverse as our athletes – from high school and college students to business professionals both young and old - to retirees.  

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to provide our members, fans and volunteers a competitive, family-friendly sporting experience at both the national and international level in the full contact sport of roller derby by empowering women and juniors while giving back to our loyal community.

It is Humboldt Roller Derby’s Vision:

  • To be a strength of the community offering entertaining, family friendly, competitive sporting events and a roller derby league that all of Humboldt County can rally behind.
  • To provide empowering, athletic opportunities to women and girls of Humboldt County; welcoming self identified women and girls of all ages, size and ability who are interested in the challenge of learning the sport of roller derby.
  • To facilitate the fitness, health and development of athletic talents of the women and girls of our community.
  • To build the Humboldt Roller Derby league as a Humboldt County tradition and support the growth of our values:  Athletics, Empowerment, and Community.